Where to Find and Get Cheap Auto Insurance?

Where to find cheap auto insurance? Surprisingly I still see this question asked often on the Internet forums and boards. We all know everyone wants to save money and get the cheapest auto insurance policy that best suits their needs. In my opinion, overpaying for insurance is basically flushing money down the toilet, so doing research and finding the cheapest auto insurance policy is very important.

Cheap auto insurance can be found from various different sources online. There are many insurance sites that you can simply just enter in your information and they will give you quotes from all the leading insurance companies willing to insure you. The best part about this is that you won’t need to look through the phonebook and call around dealing with pushy and aggressive insurance agents. It will also save you a lot of time and effort since you can get a quote within minutes.

You’ll notice that every auto insurance company has different rates. Different insurance companies will place different values on risk factors, for example such as age, driving record etc. Now that you have your cheap insurance quotes you can make insurance companies compete for your business. You can call your preferred insurance company and tell them to match the price of their competitors or you can even call your current insurer and threaten you’ll switch companies if they don’t lower their rates to the quote you received from their competitors.

Some other factors that insurance companies consider when giving you a cheap auto insurance rate is your age, the car you drive and your driving record. Chances are, if you are young, under the age of 25, your insurance is going to be slightly higher then someone who is 50. The more “good” driving experience you have, the cheaper your insurance will be.

The car plays a big factor as well. Having the right car will help drop your insurance rates down significantly. Having the right car means that your car has excellent safety ratings, a good anti theft security system and isn’t easily accessible by thieves. Vehicles are also classified to how often that particular make and model gets in an accident. The higher the accident rating, the more the insurance goes up. Sports cars with high horsepower will typically have higher insurance rates as well, but this is not always the case. Classic, specialty, and exotic cars can have a different type of insurance. Some of these insurances you can buy for these cars limits you to only bringing the car to shows and back.

And lastly, most important is your driving record. Almost all insurance companies are going to look at the history of your driving record before they give you an insurance quote. Some insurance companies are going to be stricter on this factor then others. There will even be some companies who won’t insure you if you have multiple violations. Having any kind of violation such as an accident or speeding ticket will make your rates go up. Being a safe driver with a clean driving record is a good way to save money on your auto insurance. Many companies also offer discounts for drivers with a clean driving record.

The truth is, attaining cheap auto insurance is very simple and easy as long as you do your research and compare. However your driving record looks like or whatever coverage you need, getting cheap auto insurance that fits your needs is plain and simple!

Cheap Insurance for New Drivers – 3 Ways to Save

Insurance providers classify and rate new drivers as their highest risk policy holders, regardless of how responsible they may be as drivers. Teen drivers generally pay the most for car insurance due to the high involvement in auto accidents recorded each year. This poor performance is due to many factors, but lack of experience and quick decision making in traffic are the basic reasons. This makes it almost impossible to find cheap insurance for new drivers, especially teens.

New adult drivers over twenty-five also pay higher premiums, but insurance providers generally will give them standard policy pricing at much lower rates upon completion of their “learner” stage, often 6 months in most states (some are up to 1 year).

Strategies for Cheaper Insurance Costs

It’s difficult to even consider that cheap insurance exists for new drivers, but there are strategies available to reduce the high premium costs:

1. The first and most important strategy to lower insurance costs is to maintain a good driving record over a long period of time. It’s critical for the teenage new driver’s development for parents to set a good driving example. Good habits developed early will benefit the new driver for the rest of their driving career. Parents should also play the role of trainer and coach, spending plenty of time reviewing all possible skills and defensive driving knowledge. Parent-teen driver contracts have become more popular, with the purpose of making the new driver accountable for following the rules and for their driving performance.

2. Less expensive car insurance premiums for new drivers are possible using policy discounts, which are widely available. Good Student Discounts are usually offered by most insurance providers to students who maintain a 3.0 GPA, and can reduce policy costs by 10% or more. Multi-car and multi-policy discounts are often available, and can provide savings of another 10-20%. Discounts are also given often for successful completion of drivers training courses, which are widely offered throughout the U.S.

3. Older new drivers just starting out can save money by finding liability-only coverage if they don’t have a car registered in their name. This can decrease premium costs substantially until they are able to apply for standard rates for their own vehicle after the “learner” phase is complete.

To summarize, finding cheap insurance for new drivers is nearly impossible, but using these strategies can save money and help develop an experienced driver.

Cheap Auto Insurance in Canada!

If you have family or friends who have cheap auto insurance in Canada, you might think that they have acquaintances in the industry or they are just plain lucky. If you are thinking like that, you have yet to discover the real secrets to cheap auto insurance in Canada. Read on and see how you can save on your premiums.

1. Compare the rates – Remember how consumers are always educated on shopping around before buying anything to get the best deal? We often shop around and compare prices before we buy our clothes, cars or even houses. However, when this comes to buying auto insurance, we would just pay whatever rates offered by insurance companies. This is because we often thought that the rates are same between companies. This is totally a false belief as the rates between companies can vary as much as $1000 sometimes! You will never get cheap auto insurance in Canada if you do not put any effort to compare the prices. Therefore, start going around and research the companies before you take up any policies.

2. Raising deductibles – A deductible is the amount of the claim that we have to pay before our insurance company pays the rest if we are involved in an accident. We usually take the lower deductible because we do not want to pay so much when we file claims. However, when you opt for lower deductible, you will get higher premiums that cause you to pay more than the amount of a higher deductible. This is because we do not involve in accidents every single day. So why not pay higher deductible to save more money in the long run?

3. Be careful when you drive – Accidents are unavoidable but we can prevent it from happening. When you are involved in more accidents and get a lot of speeding tickets, all these go into your driving record and leave some bad marks there. When insurance companies review your application for auto insurance, they will look at your driving record first. If you do not have a clean driving record, it is hard for you to secure cheap auto insurance in Canada.

4. Discounts – Get all the discounts that you are applicable for and cheap auto insurance in Canada is sure to be yours. Most of the time, insurance companies do not give out the discounts without you asking for them. If you know you are eligible for certain discounts like multi-policy discounts, open your mouth and ask from your insurance company or you will lost the chance to secure cheap auto insurance in Canada.

Cheap Insurance for Young Male Drivers – Guide to Buying – A Simple 5 Step Guide to Saving Money

When it comes to finding cheap insurance for young male drivers there are some things that you need to do in order to look more favorably in the eyes of insurers. This is because as a young male you will be lumped in statistically with a segment of the driving population that is responsible for the most vehicle accidents and the most claims filed. Insurance companies are going to want to charge you more than they would women or even men that are over 25. The following is 5 easy steps you can take to ensure that you won’t be taken for a ride on your coverage costs.

The first step to saving money on cheap insurance for young male drivers starts at the car lot itself. Before you even purchase a vehicle you must take into consideration the insurance implications of different automobiles. If you decide to buy through financing then you will be required by your auto-loan company to have full coverage on your vehicle. This protects their interest as well as yours. But, if you are able to buy a car outright then you will only be required to have your state’s minimum liability insurance and this difference alone will save you some serious coin. So if it is at all possible, drive a car that’s paid for.

The second step to getting a good deal on cheap insurance for young male drivers is to forget about the bells and whistles that can accompany or be added to a vehicle. Don’t go crazy with a lot of flashy after-market additions such as rims and high-end stereos to your car because doing so will make your car more of a target for thieves. Keep your rates low by sticking with the from-the-factory accessories and don’t go out of your way to make you car stand out.

The third step to finding cheap insurance for young male drivers is to become proactive about protecting your car. While not adding flashy after-market equipment to your ride is good for not bringing attention to it, the truth is that auto-thieves will still take a vehicle that isn’t protected. A good way to protect your ride is to use hi-tech anti-theft devices such as lojack or lo-tech devices such as steering-wheel locks. You could qualify for a discount on your policy for using these devices or you could eliminate the need for theft protection on your policy if you make it a habit of using them, either way you would be saving money.

The fourth way to save on cheap insurance for young male drivers is by putting safety at the top of your priority list. Start off on the right foot by practicing good driving habits and you will be able to qualify for major discounts as you continue to show your insurers your commitment to safe driving. Insurance companies are offering lower deductibles to clients that stay accident-free in 6-12 month increments. By driving well, not only will you save on policy costs but you will also save by not having to miss work due to injury or time in jail.

The final way to save on cheap insurance for young male drivers is to reduce your driving. I know this sounds crazy but it is an excellent way to get discounts on coverage. Insurance companies offer low-mileage discounts to those clients that only drive a certain distance away from home in a given year. You could talk to an agent about specifications and parameters surrounding this money-saving technique to see how you could make it work for you. These are just a few ways to save on your insurance coverage and I hope it was helpful to you.